On Askulap

Parsing out wights from worts

    Easing shots with balms, breaks with splints

Wild spirits brought to heel

    The Mediator keeps harm at bay

Born of healers, springs and salves

    Granna’s great child, Lubo’s saving son

Called Great Paean in eastbound lands

    The ‘Father of Medicine’ by Him given skill

On the Gods’ Mountains, a hall now sits

    Where the Gods feast and drink

Vine and vintage, cheese, pork and bread

    Olives of Skara delight the God most

The Host of Feasts, the Holy Wirdskap he leads

    Where all are renewed by font of health

The Good Serpent holds life and death

    The reed he climbs to heaven’s ledge

The dog waits close at companion’s side

    Health of body, Peace of mind

Honor the Host in His holy hall

    With godly foods and ruddy wine

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