First Things First

Hey y’all! So, as the title of this post suggests I am going to let you know a bit about myself in regards to my practice and my purpose for writing.

I am a Heathen, a polytheist, someone that has turned to seek the gods once worshiped across Europe specifically in the the areas of modern France, Germany, and England. The gods of the Germanic and Gaulish tribes.

I am an animist. Within the Heathen worldview is the belief in spirits. Each individual and group wil have a different view of what does and doesn’t have a spirit. Personally I believe in the individual spirits of man, plants, and animals as well as what could be call regional spirits, guardian spirits, small gods. What the Romans called Genius loci or the spirit of a place. This is a part of my practice that is maturing and changing as time goes on and experience grows.

I venerate my Ancestors. Ancestor veneration is a widespread tradition from Northern Europe well into Eastern Asia. Our forebearers are the closes and most available spiritual connection. They are the most interested and invested of all spiritual being and They are our blood and from them we came and without them we are nothing. This is also an evolving part of my practice.

I believe in Wyrd (or fate), an important part of many Heathen paths. A very complex concept deserving of its own post. Wyrd permiates everything and nothing can escape it, not even the gods it seems.

My personal practice itself branches out into many areas of Heathenry but mainly into Anglish and Frankish areas.

My purpose for this blog is simple; to be a place of learning, exchange, and growth on the Heathen path.

Also fair warning, I’m not the best writer so my posts will be much more conversational than academic. This post will be edited in the future and maybe converted into its own section.